“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” - Edward Hopper

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” - Pablo Picasso

"We don't make mistakes, just happy accidents." - Bob Ross

My Process

Take a little peek behind the curtain to see which potions I mix in my mad alchemy…

My Inspiration

Sometimes the monster under my bed sneaks ideas into my dreams…

My Worlds

Behind every door is a secret, in every corner is a little rat waiting to scurry out…

My Library

Pull up a chair and get comfortable by the fire. But mind the spiders…

Children’s Book Illustrations by
Matt Cole

Hi, I am Matt and I am a Yorkshire based Children’s Book Illustrator.

As far back as I can remember, I have always been drawn in by imagery of dark and compelling worlds – places with twisted trees, mysterious secrets and impossible geometries.

Even as a child, I longed to see all the places that few dared to tread… under the bed where the monsters lurked; in the attic beneath the dust cloths; down in the cellar behind the spider webs.

As a full-fledged grownup, I get to make my own forbidden forests and ghastly graveyards but now with a bit of a cosy nostalgic glow.

I am a lover of the maximalism movement and fully embrace the mantra that more is most definitely more (ask any child in front of a pick-a-mix station and they will definitely agree). From swirling skies to secret artefacts hidden in the details, I want every child who enters my enchanted worlds to find something to delight the eye.

Stay for a while and make sure to pack a bag (a very big bag full of all your favourite things) because you will want to spend some time exploring each new world I create.

Rich, Fantastical Worlds Await

I love creating detailed, whimsical worlds that couldn’t possibly exist yet are made just a little bit more real by being put to pape

These are the worlds of our imagination – now, if I can just figure out a way to go and live in them…

Let me make worlds for you

Have an exciting project in mind and looking for an illustrator to bring it to life? I’d love to hear from you! Click here to go down the rabbit hole and start your adventure today – bold, new horizons await!

In the Library

The library holds many treasures. It is said that an illustrator once went on an adventure to find out just how big the library is. The same people say that if you listen closely on a quiet night, you can still hear the soft murmur of his voice as he treads his way through the stacks. Then again, people say a lot of things and I don’t know how much to believe. 

World Illustration Awards 2023: Long-Listed Artist

World Illustration Awards 2023: Long-Listed Artist

It feels like 2023 has only just begun and already I have cause to celebrate. The World Illustration Awards longlisting has just been announced and my illustration - ‘In the library’ – submitted for the Children’s Books category has been longlisted. The sun is...

Autism, Emotions and Illustration

Autism, Emotions and Illustration

I love when my illustrations can really help people out. This was just such a project – developing a worksheet to be used as part of an autism assessment and diagnostic pathway to be used within the North Yorkshire Autism and ADHD NHS service. Check out my...

My little librarians

My little librarians

Who are those guys living amongst the books and just what the heck is this place? All these mysteries are revealed and more in my handy little guidebook to the world of the library. So why not take a break, grab a coffee and peruse the thoughts, process notes and...